[Blog] 升級至Blogger beta失敗

昨天升級到Blogger beta,一開始沒有問題,幾小時之後,整個blog就消失了,連後台Dashboard也無蹤影。

Blogger Help Group申訴後,又被丟回原來舊的blogger系統了,哎。


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Posted by Wenli

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How to update? create a new blog in beta.blogger.com and move files to it? I tried that, but too many entries in my blog, too complicate. 

Posted by Ben

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btw: I found bloggerhacks in this site. It's interesting. One question: How to prevent spam comment? How to enable the Word Verification in this hack?

Because I saw a lot of spam comment in the bloggerhacks site, I don't want to leave this message out there. But I think you should have consider this, right? 

Posted by Ben

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to Wenli

還沒升級怎麼可以自稱白老鼠呢?想不想去參加blogger beta一日遊啊!

to Ben


我這裡很少spam comment,有的話,大部分都是針對幾篇有特定英文關鍵字的文章來的,算是很好清理了。


Posted by blasts

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不過另外弄了一個 beta 的帳號在測試倒是真的... 

Posted by 小小肥

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